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[…] history shows how much depends on the presence of one or more outstanding individuals willing to assume responsibility and leadership.

—Milton Friedman

(He was talking about the stability in the banking system, but I think he would agree this also describes why we can’t have nice things.)

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Free will does not mean that you can establish the curriculum.
It means only that you can elect what you want to take at a given time.
A Course in Miracles

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reasonreigns asked: It's not anon, but I am wondering what your opinion is on the draft? And, assuming you're against it: Do you think it's morally acceptable for someone who voluntarily joined the military to leave if the country enters a war they don't like?

Well before anything else let’s deal in pragmatics. 

First if we’re going to have one it should apply to both sexes.

Second while the selective service may still exist Congress will never be dumb enough to call up another drafts (as it would mean the end of the career of every politician who voted for it) and, more importantly, the military has said on numerous occasions they don’t want to institute the draft as modern warfare tactics don’t require as many bodies and they have found in terms of training, discipline, work efficiency 1 volunteer is worth numerous conscripts.  They prefer the all volunteer military because it works.

But do I think it is morally acceptable in a theoretical sense? Yes.  I have no problem for instance when Israel makes service a requirement of all its citizens—If you want the benefits of citizenship you need to pay the costs to preserve that government.  And if for some reason you are under the kind of attack that requires a draft, you do have an obligation to serve if it is called for.

Now as to desertion.  I believe that if you really believe that fighting in a war is wrong you should desert (imagine if the nation had actually been filled with “good Germans”).  However, if you volunteered and then deserted you’re probably an idiot as a nation’s foreign policy seldom does a complete 180 in values.  Now if you do what you believe to be right then you have to take the consequences.  If you get caught you can’t expect pleading your conscience is going to save you from punishment…and if you leave the country you don’t get to come back when it’s more convenient for you.  If you leave you leave.  If you’re not willing to perform your civic duty you are not entitled to the benefits of being in a nation. (Unless it’s leaving a dictatorial nation and coming back to overthrow the dictator or after they have been overthrown…because you didn’t want the benefits of the dictator’s regime anyway).

Also, I will say, that at least here in the west 99% of the people who have objections to wars in the last few decades are idiots who don’t quite understand right from wrong to begin with, so while they may believe they’re acting ethically I just hold them in contempt for their idiocy.

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