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The Center for Science in the Public Interest—which sounds (a) like something out of Atlas Shrugged or a similarly dystopian novel and (b) as dumb and leftist as their excuse for scientific tend to be—is now calling for heavy regulation on all on all "added sugars".  

So there is no doubt, let me be as blunt as possible. I have no qualms about shooting any jackbooted thug sent by a tyranny to take my guns.  None.  

I love my Coke more than I will ever love my guns.  

If you try to take my soda, which is pretty much what I live on, you will know pain and you will know fear and then you will die.  

If you don’t like soda don’t drink it.  If you don’t like having to pay for other people medical bills because they can’t understand you should burn as many calories as you take in, then don’t be one of the same whiny leftist hacks who call for universal health care.

 It should no shock that the Center for Science in the Public Interest’s solution to everything is more government.  More rules, more regulation, more laws, more control. The answer of every idiot leftist from Führer Michelle Obama to Nanny Bloomberg.  No.  If you don’t like people’s behavior, reason with them, run ad campaigns, convince them…don’t force them.

(Oh and social conservatives that goes for you too.) 

Or hey, if you have to do something, maybe we could just stop giving tax payer money to sugar growers in the form of subsidies which artificially lowers the cost of sugar.

You may think I’m being overly dramatic.  Yes while there’s a bit of intentional hyperbole here, is there anything that the government isn’t already controlling to too much of a degree already?  Can you even choose what kind of milk you want to drink?

The government is already using SWAT teams against food stores they don’t like.  And you think more rules is a good idea?

No the answer is to have faith in people that, more often than not, they make the correct choices for themselves…and they make even better choices when they’re told that they won’t be saved from every bad choice they make.  People can take care of themselves, they don’t need to babied and have their hands held at every moment.

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