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Take a moment to think about something.

Social Conservatives.   If you can’t get traction with this Gosnell story, which is pretty much only a step short of Mengele, it might be time to admit you’re not going to get traction with the middle and the left on abortion.  At all.  Ever.  You don’t get worse than this story, yet it’s not going anywhere.

May I suggest, toning down the abortion drum and focusing more on the economic conservative line.  That line works with the middle that would otherwise disagree with you on the abortion issue.  If you just focus on the conservative economics we win elections.

And the odd thing there is that when you have conservative economics, which will lower welfare and increase opportunity, you will drastically lower the number of abortions because the economic incentives will now be with keeping children.  So you’ll still get what you want.

Or you can keep screaming about abortion. But do you think you’ll find a case that will turn people if this one doesn’t?  

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    I’m not talking about values here. I’m talking about the fact that if you want to actually accomplish your goals you...
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    Isn’t the value of life just as important as any economic ideal? And I don’t think anyone’s screaming here.
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